Michael B. Lederman

Delmarva Water Solutions
March 4, 2016
Bill Graner – The Dance Studio
October 1, 2015

Michael “Moe” Lederman is a defense attorney and prosecutor located in Pittsburgh, PA. Mr. Lederman opened up his own law practice in 2004 and has represented hundreds of clients in criminal, civil and juvenile courts. He also serves as the solicitor for Baldwin Borough, a position he has held since 2007.

While Moe has been practicing on his own for over a decade, he had never established a presence on the web. We purchased his domain name and built his site from scratch. We also had the pleasure with partnering with a talented, local copywriter (yeah, we do that too – but sometimes it’s fun to play with others!). With WordPress, he can manage all of his own content, without having to know any code.

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