Best SEO practices in 2018

The Power of Proofreading
May 18, 2016

Best SEO practices in 2018

There are so many articles talking about Search Engine Optimization. Everyone wants to be on top. But with SO MANY ways to climb the mountain, it can be a bit overwhelming. Employing best practices is a great way to start.

Here’s my takeaway from the bazillion articles I’ve recently read on the subject.

Authenticity and truth

Content is the bees knees, BUT it has to be relevant content. It has to be valuable content. It has to be accurate content. It has to be valuable to your customers, not what you WANT to feed your customers. Content that gets your customers to trust you enough to buy is most important, because ultimately you want people to buy your things. Google is hip to the game.

Make it good enough to share

Take that authentic and truthful content on the road. Share that ish on social media. Make sure you’re a player on social media. Make it good enough for others to share and link back to you. It builds trust for your brand. On that note, customers are vetting you on social media, so make sure that’s buzzing with activity. Share your own goodness too! Blog, and then tell your followers about it by linking to your blog article. Backlinks are your friend this year, so keep it connected.

K.I.S.S. – Keep it safe… silly!

Silly is kinder than stupid, ha! Anyway, Google is all about user experience, and in this day and age, internet users want to feel SAFE. Totally worth purchasing an SSL certificate for your website. When viewers look a the nav bar and see HTTPS instead of HTTP, they can rest assured that there’s an extra layer of encryption between themselves and the website’s server. So they’re info is kept safe and secure. Customers will trust you more. This seems to be the over-arching theme this year.

Write like a human

Gone are the days of throwing every keyword into your page title and calling it a day. Use keywords in your page title, but make it engaging, and make it sound like something a human would write. Just throwing them all into a word salad isn’t very appetizing to your customers, and Google is all about user experience. Why should a potential customer choose you? Think about that when you’re writing things.

Mobile is where it’s at

As I sit here typing on my giant desktop computer like it’s my job (because it IS my job), understand most of the internet world users are accessing via mobile devices – phones on the go, tablets at the coffee shop, laptops at the new co-working space. However you get there, most are getting there on the go. Google will prioritize the mobile version of your site, so make sure it’s working well and looking good.

Keep these handy tidbits in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to making your site friendly for 2018. Keep in mind competitors are also boosting Facebook posts and paying for Google ads, so while these are some great techniques, they’re part of a multifaceted online marketing strategy. Give us a shout if you have any questions.