Lift up and be unique

The Right Thing
June 2, 2015

Lift up and be unique

So today I received a solicitation in the mail. Shocker, right? We all get solicitations all the time – switch your cable provider, switch your cell phone provider, Bed Bath and Beyond coupons… you know the drill. I’m guessing if most of you are like me – bills and birthday cards go in the ‘keep’ pile, everything else goes in the ‘recycle’ pile.

But today I actually received a solicitation that caught my eye. I don’t receive many business solicitations directly, but it was local and it was addressed to my business, so I opened it. I was curious.

The service being peddled is less important than the point I’m trying to make, so let’s just say this person is selling marketing widgets. This same person contacted me a few weeks ago regarding their marketing widgets – I recognized the name, and I’m a sucker for tenacity.

But it made me think of a few little do’s and don’ts I’d love to share…

DO spell the person’s name correctly. A two second Google search could’ve fixed this problem. So simple. It shows a lack of attention to detail. I’m also a sucker for attention to detail.

DO NOT make derogatory comments about a potential client’s business or industry. Even if you think what they do is obsolete, or silly, or that they cannot live without your services… talk about the ways you can help – with positivity.

DO personalize. Otherwise it’s going directly in the trash. Simple tip – hand write an address. I know, I know… I mean, I guess it depends on how many things you’re sending out, but think about it. If you send out 200 cards with the expectation that 20 may read them, you’re just killing trees for no reason. Pick those 30 most important people, hand write their addresses, and I bet almost all of them will open what you sent. Go old school. Who hand writes things anymore? YOU do, that’s who! Of course there are exceptions to the rule. I don’t consider “it’s time for your annual dental appointment” to be a trash-worthy solicitation. I appreciate the oral health reminders, eye exam reminders, annual checkup reminders… pretty much anything that keeps my health on track while I’m running around dealing with the crazy of life! But I digress…

I received this solicitation in the mail, so I’m really only speaking to physical mailers. In this computer-y world we live in, print still has it’s place (I’m sure many would disagree) for that exact reason. It CAN be unexpected if done in a unique, and VERY targeted way (otherwise it’s cost prohibitive).

Anyway, That’s really my point on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon – perceive, encourage, help, personalize, and act with intent.